There are plenty of places you can shop online. You can get almost anything you want fast and cheap. But the consequences for that are far-reaching for our environment and our society.

We wanted to join a growing movement of indie fashion brands who strive to do things differently. Our guiding values shape our work every day: inclusivity, equality, and community.



Founded in 2022, THIRTY/SIXTY Collective is result of two long-time friends and colleagues, Paige & Jen. After launching numerous brands and products together, they wanted to start their own business, rooted in their personal values. They wanted it to be inclusive, feel good to the people who made the items they sold, and give back to groups of people who they want to help out. It's all about inclusivity, equality, sustainability, and joy.


Our name comes from the astrological sun sign Paige & Jen share: Taurus. The sign spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac. Being a Taurus is taking a mid-day nap, being stubborn and never giving up on the things you truly believe in, and being grounded & kind.


Everything we sell is for everyone, if they like it! We're committed to offering inclusive sizing and to ensuring diversity in our advertising and marketing materials.


Our goal is to feature unique and accessible products from diverse creators. We provide equitable access for all employees. We strive for all employees and customers to feel supported, respected, and on equal standing.


We are focused on creating business practices that support our community. This includes providing financial support for a variety of social causes. It also includes being committed to being eco-friendly wherever possible, in our product offerings, packaging, and shipping practices. 


When it comes to apparel, did you know that about 85% of all goods produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage? One in five garments ends up in landfill without even being worn once!

Most of the apparel we offer is created on-demand with exclusive designs. That means the fabric is printed and sewn just for you when you place an order. That creates less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.

We also offer products from small, independent, and socially-conscious brands. 



We often have the opportunity to offer exclusive products and collections from talented artists and makers in the fashion and decor space. 

These are one-of-a-kind limited runs, and once they're gone, they're gone. : )




For an annual fee, you'll get a host of benefits, including:



When you join THIRTY/SIXTY Collective as a member, you'll get 15% off of every purchase for one year.



Exclusive fashion and home decor drops are offered for preorder at a special price to our members first, and every one is a limited edition. 



For every $200 you spend in one year, you get $20 to send to a friend!



While we know we won't always be perfect, we're committed to continuously improving the ways in which we fulfill our guiding values. Learn more about how to SHOP FOR GOOD.